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 Rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) is among the most difficult of cosmetic surgeries

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If you are considering cosmetic surgery and in particular nose restructuring, otherwise known as a “nose job” or rhinoplasty, we’d like to welcome you to our Rhinoplasty Bristol clinic.

After making an appointment, we can talk through your needs and desires and formulate a plan that’s most suitable for you.

Our surgeons will show you what can be done to correct your nose, answer your questions and overcome any anxieties that you may be feeling about particular procedures. We will provide you with the very best care that comes from years of experience and successful procedures in rhinoplasty.


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What is Rhinoplasty?

If you have ever looked in the mirror and didn’t like the shape or size of your nose, then you may have considered nose restructuring. It doesn’t matter if your nose is too long or too wide, crooked, bulbous at the end, has a bump in it or is too thin; there is something that can be corrected on every nose with our Bristol cosmetic surgery.



There are two types of rhinoplasty that comes under nose reshaping; either making the nose smaller which is called reduction rhinoplasty or making the nose fuller or bigger which is called augmentation. A lot of people tend to have the reduction because they feel that their nose is too big, but there are still many augmentation operations performed too.



The bone and cartilage is removed or rearranged through little cuts inside your nostrils. You cannot see anything from the outside of your nose and the skin will shrink down to the new shape over the course of a few months. Sometimes to keep your features in proportion the surgeon may make your nostrils a bit smaller through some tiny cuts in the skin, and this may leave very fine scars on your nostrils which will gradually fade.



The bone will be reshaped through little cuts inside or between your nostrils. Sometimes you may need some extra bone or cartilage to build up your nose and this is usually done through a bone graft that may be taken from your rib, hip or the back of your elbow. The cartilage can be taken from your ears or from any spare cartilage that is inside your nose.

The surgeon may also use artificial implants but the skin outside your nose always stretches over its new shape for a natural look and feel.


The Procedure

Both these types of operations last around 60 to 90 minutes and are usually carried out under a general anaesthetic procedure. You can usually go home the same day unless you have had a bone graft which usually means a short stay in hospital for a couple of days.


After the rhinoplasty there may be some tenderness or pain but you will be given painkillers for this. There will usually be swelling and bruising around your eyes which will take two to three weeks to settle down. In all it takes around three months for all the swelling to disappear.


After you have had augmentation, your nose will feel stiff and numb like it doesn’t belong to you. The numbness starts to fade in a few hours but the stiffness can be permanent sometimes and your nose may feel hard. You nose may also look a bit bigger than you may have expected, but don’t worry as this will settle in time and is due to the bone graft. This usually shrinks in size during the first year or two.


Nose Reshaping Surgery

With any cosmetic procedure it is very important that you think carefully about what you want before you proceed with the operation. Having this procedure means that you will be seen by an experienced surgeon who is experienced in “nose jobs”. Bristol rhinoplasty surgeons will go through all your options with you and decide what the best course of treatment is. You will be treated in a top private hospital that you choose and can rest assured that we are committed to your safety at all times.



If you would like a consultation please call our healthcare team and speak to a consultant who will book an appointment for you. If you would prefer you can contact us via email or request a call back and we will be in touch shortly.


Do you offer of types of Plastic Surgery in Bristol?

Rhinoplasty and nose jobs are our specialty but as a leading name in our industry we naturally offer a wide range of therapies, treatments and surgery that meet the needs of our patients and clients. We include breast enlargement, breast reduction, facelifts, tummy tucks, blepheroplasty and Surgical Liposuction in Bristol.

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